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Perhaps the first question when considering this product needs is, "Who is building the engines?' Second question: "Where are these engines built? Third Question: "Does the person(s) doing the work know what they are doing? I have a hard time believing they hire only experienced engine builders. Could be more like an assembly line where the person(s) doing the work are like trained seals. They are taught a specific function without the... Read more

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Bought transmission from jasper replaced in 10 months new transmission lasted 6months they won't replace because the new one was prorated to the remainder of warranty from first transmission .

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Don't know where to begin but not a happy camper with Jasper. Just hard to stomach finding my Jasper engine is trash in just under 4 years and 41,000 miles. For a vehicle that is professionally maintained...boom...blown head gasket with no warning!! Are you kidding me?!!! Really?!!! I sure wish I would have checked reviews on Jasper! To top it off when I called to find out warranty info on the engine the fella I chatted was about as... Read more

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Four bad engines in a row, jasper paid for three to be replaced. This last one they say was good and wont be paying me to replace their bad engine. 1st engine had a cracked oil pan, they sent a replacement. 2nd had a broken piston ring, they paid to replace it, 3rd 4.3 had no oil pressure, they paid to replace it. this last one had no compression in cylinder 4, they say it was good and wont be paying, awful funny the rep was there and showed him... Read more

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i sure wish i had done some research on jasper motors before i had given my repair shop the go ahead to replace my 2006 5.4 ford motor. after reading all the reviews. im about to lose my dinner. I CAN NOT !!! stomach the fact that this jasper motor is gonna be junk.. the repair shop hghly recommend this company . and it sounds like i shouldnt have gine with a jasper motor. the install should be complented on friday Aug 12 2016.... and from all... Read more

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We are certified auto & truck repair facility. Two of three Master ASE certified techs. I have been installing Jasper products for over 25yrs. #1 Out of over 150 or more installs I have had 3 failures. 1 out of the "box" and takin care of next day. 1 after 38months labor & part paid at their current labor rate, Which every Jasper certified installer knows ahead of time. If these other shops do not agree to take that then they are not... Read more

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I had an engine installed 2 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. Engine light on constantly runs hot. Two different mechanics cannot pinpoint a problem. Want it fixed ASAP I'm a dog trainer and when this engine goes and it's going to it's going to strand me and my live animals in the blazing heat on the side of the road. I'm taking it back in for the umpteenth time to have this motor replaced without warranty issues which has... Read more

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Original long block purchased in July 2014 in the water by August. After break in and a couple of weeks started having problems with hydrolock. replaced intake gaskets but problem got worse. Contacted local installer for evaluation, blown head gasket. Engine #1. Following Summer new engine installed, some minor problems, was able to fish into December, on our way in lost power, ended up to be 2 burnt pistons, Engine # 2. Engine #3 arrived spring... Read more

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We purchased a engine for a Monte Carlo 3.9 liter and it did not have any oil pressure. So they sent another one and would only pay the shop 70.00 per hour to install so that cost us another chunk of money. Then this one would not run so we took it to the local dealer and they said the motor is bad. Well after 90 days and two engines later lovey Jasper would not help us at all. They claim it would take another month to figure out what is... Read more

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I purchased a Ford engine for a 2005 F150 5.4 It started leaking right away. Took back to the installer and it looked like it leaked everywhere. Less than 2500 miles and about 2.5 months when I was able to take it in. Had several spots in drive way. Jasper insisted that someone didn't put silicone under the 4 corners of the intake. Mechanic stated he did. So it was taken apart and it wasn't leaking there. Now it will be a few days till it can... Read more

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